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Established in 1983 we offer a full range of belt conveyors, roller conveyors and overhead monorail conveyors too, plus line shaft accumulator conveyors suitable for all unit handling applications. With a solid reputation for producing high quality conveyor systems that are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients, AA Conveyors can offer you a complete design, manufacture and installation solution for all types of conveyor systems. Roller Conveyors Almost every type of industry uses roller conveyors in some form – from manufacturing and production lines to warehousing, packing and the transfer of goods.

At AA Conveyors our roller conveyors are designed as a modular system for complete flexibility in any environment. We have standard units including 3m straights, gates, 45 and 90 degree bends and transfer trolleys, and with a range of widths and pitches our roller conveyors are

available with different load capacities and diameters too, so you can be sure we have roller conveyors that will meet your needs and fit the assigned space. Belt Conveyors With over 25 years of conveyor systems and solving problems for our clients, we’re confident that our belt conveyors provide some of the highest specifications available. With straights, inclines and bends, our belt conveyors can run at sustained high speeds and high temperatures where needed. From a free-standing belt conveyor to a complete factory installation, we can design and supply almost all types of belt conveyors at extremely competitive prices.


  • Gravity roller: Rollers from 30kg capacity to rollers with 400kg capacity, for all applications.
  • Live roller conveyor: (Accu-roll) Conveyor system for handling unit loads, and allowing product accumulation. (Driven by polyurethane drive bands from a line shaft.)
  • Chain driven roller: Either tangential (friction-driven) or roller-to-roller (utilising simplex chain and sprockets from roller to roller).
  • Belt conveyor: Horizontal and inclined flat slider bed belt conveyors.
  • Overhead chain conveyors: Powered monorail used extensively in metal preparations and powder coating systems, etc.
  • Mobile Belt and Roller conveyors:

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Whether this is your first time looking for conveyor systems or you have years of experience in the field, our experts and engineers can provide any help and advice you need to meet your belt and roller conveyor needs. From a complete consultation and design service to high quality manufacture and skilled installation, our conveyor systems are first-rate solutions that perform exceptionally in all conditions. For more information browse our site or visit our ‘Contact’ page to speak to one of our conveyor systems team, they’ll be happy to discuss your needs for belt and roller conveyors or any of our products.